Personal Website


Through reading numerous articles about website design and creating web content that works I have finally created my own personal website. This is the last project of my digital communications spring 2014 class! I have truly enjoyed learning all the “ins and outs” of digital communications. Throughout this class I have learned how to create storyboards, actively blog, shoot and edit video, use adobe photoshop elements and premiere elements, and build websites. However, most importantly I have learned how to tell a story through many different digital and visual ways. A visual storyteller is what I have become. I am excited to use these new skills in my summer internship with Community Journals in Greenville, South Carolina and throughout the rest of my communication studies courses. I also hope to implement these skills and knowledge when applying to graduate school in the upcoming fall semester. Thanks for staying tuned in to my blog for the past three months, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have! Don’t forget to check out the link below to view my personal website/ digital portfolio in its’ entirety.






Point of View


When telling a story, choosing what point of view to tell it from is extremely important. The point of view you tell a story in can drastically change the meaning or presentation of your points.  The perspective of the story teller can be told in either first, second, or third person.  Depending on what presentation one is trying to make these different person point of views work better for portraying information different ways. Read the rest of this entry